Saturday, July 21, 2012

Homemade Marshmallow Fluff

Now I know, usually I'm posting how to make something unhealthy healthier. Well, I'm going to come right out with it on this one: this still isn't healthy by any measure, but it doesn't have a ton of chemicals and other icky stuff in it, so it technically is healthier, just not healthy. You know, there are days you just need a little marshmallow fluff, I won't hold it against you if you don't hold it against me! When I was pregnant with DB, I ate a whole jar of it in the course of 5 days. Ewww. Just remembering that makes me a little nauseous. That stuff is so sweet and sticky! But just think of all the things you can make with it! Fluffernutter sandwiches, tasty icebox pies, sundae toppings, cake icings, the list is endless, and if you've sworn off the shelved stuff, that knocks a lot of those recipes off your list. Well, pout no more, here is a simple and cheap recipe for homemade marshmallow fluff, and just compare these ingredient lists:

Famous Fluff Brand, Rhymes with Taft:

Corn syrup
Egg whites
Cream of Tartar
Xanthan Gum
Artificial Flavors
Natural Flavors
Blue 1

Homemade Marshmallow Fluff:

3 Egg Whites
1 C. Sugar
1 t. Vanilla Extract

In a double boiler or a bowl set over boiling water, melt the sugar and egg whites together until they are hot and the sugar is totally melted, about 5 minutes on the nose. Stir it with a fork gently while waiting for it to melt down. It will be a thick syrup. Pour the syrup into a very clean and dry mixing bowl, a stand mixer is preferred, because it will be a lot of work if you're using a hand mixer, but either will do. The cleanliness of the bowl is important, foreign particles, especially grease, will prevent the mixture from fluffing, and you'll just have sweet egg white syrup, which is not particularly useful. Whip on high speed for a minute or so, when the mixture looks opaque all the way through, slowly drizzle in your vanilla extract. Allow to whip for another 10 minutes (seriously, it's a long time. don't just sit and watch or you'll think it isn't setting up. walk away for a bit.) or until the bowl is cool to the touch and your fluff stands in a soft peak when you lift the mixers out of it. It's ready to use immediately! Store it in the fridge, if you have any left over! *note: you may wish to add cream of tartar for stability, I never do.

I used mine to frost my experimental batch of oatmeal flour S'mores Cupcakes....but that's a post for another day! Enjoy! Let me know how your fluff turned out! What did you do with it?

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