Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You made a cake out of WHAT??

BEANS! Yes, Beans! Black Beans, to be exact. I stumbled upon this logic defying recipe on Pinterest the other day, while just browsing. Now no one in my family has to eat a gluten free diet, but we do believe that all human beings are not really designed to eat gluten and we try to limit how much we have. I love my baked goods, however, and most gluten free (or even better, entirely grain free) recipes leave a bit to be desired in the texture department for me. That's the thing about flour, the gluten is what lends that perfectly cellular texture of the trapped leavening, so most gluten-free recipes just leave me feeling deflated with my flat baked goods. Not this one! This is an amazing cake! If I hadn't made it myself, I would never have guessed that it is grain free. I certainly would NEVER guess that it's made of beans. Even The Hero, who's quite the food critic when it comes to healthy-fied recipes gave it two thumbs up and he was super impressed with the ingredient list. The recipe I linked to is for a sugar-free version, I used sugar, 1/2 C. of  Raw Turbinado, to be exact. I think I'll try this recipe again with agave when that comes in soon. It's so tasty I'm about to have a sliver again right now, before I slip off to bed. Don't tell anyone, OK?
Pictured: Epic Bean Cake!