Tuesday, October 4, 2011

God I hope they get it...

Ok, so it's a cheesy reference. Musicals run through my head 23 hours of the day. :) This is not a recommendation, but it is a share! There's a new company launching this month, and I'm really excited about what their goal is. They aim to be a buying club, much like Sam's or Costco, but for natural and organic foods. They will be a delivery service and intend to source produce local to your region. This is good for people like me, who would like good deals, but this is fantastic for people who live in organic food "deserts" where there are little or no options for buying these types of products. They are currently offering free memberships (usually $25 a year for the lowest tier of membership). I got one, and thought I might share the opportunity with you. They have a non-GMO promise, which I love, and their prices that they have up right now are very good. I've spoken with their customer service department on several occasions and I can tell you that they are really attentive and personable when dealing with customer relations, so I hope that translates well when they start real orders. I thought long and hard about whether to share or not, because I didn't want to recommend something I hadn't tried out yet, but I figured that by the time I had tried it, the memberships would all be paid only, so I'm just putting this out there for you to consider! I'll definitely update you on their performance once I've started ordering, but if you'd like to check them out before then and take advantage owaf the free memberships, you can visit them by clicking on the banner here. (You may have to watch *or leave running while you do something important...* a video about founding partner membership, or investing in their company before the free membership option will pop up, FYI!)

**EDIT: I forgot to mention that they have an exciting shopping option where you can sort products according to dietary needs, for example, you can see all their dairy-free options with one click. Same with gluten, etc. How exciting is that!?!**