Tuesday, December 6, 2011

La la la la la la....Our Bluesday Night

We had a bluesday night party tonight, and screened the newly released to DVD/BluRay Smurfs movie. It was actually pretty good! I didn't see it in the theater, because in addition to never having the time/money/energy/childfree time to go to the movies anymore, I'm constantly being disappointed by remakes and makeovers of things I enjoy. Especially movies. They always seem to mess up something!! I could  make a laundry list of disappointing remake movies, but I won't! Smurfs didn't do that. The smurfs I love were still there and their personalities were fantastic, there were even well placed jokes about smurf culture delivered by the ever lovable NPH. The fun twist that brought them to live action was played well and some of the voice acting was really good. I served up some blue corn tortilla chips and salsa, some sugar cookies iced with smurfs hats on them, and blueberry apple cider. The blue snacks and blue clothes set the mood for a fun movie night. I'm going to have to have movie nights more often. Themed parties are fun! Pictures for your enjoyment! (P.S. I've written a few new recipes recently, so expect them to come soon!)