Friday, July 15, 2011

If I only had the time, energy, and resources...

I'd create a website where you could shop for a pediatrician like you do a pizza. Click whatever you want: pepperoni, breastfeeding knowledgeable, black olives, current and accurate weight charts, mushrooms, AP, preferred sleep training method, extra cheese, etc. etc. Click order, and get the address, phone number, and an appointment stat. (Maybe even for free if it takes longer than 20 minutes in the waiting room???) I am so tired of looking and looking and posting on every forum trying to find a pediatrician that will see mostly eye to eye with me and has current knowledge on AAP guidelines for things important to us.

Our pediatrician since birth is really a wonderful Dr., he's friendly, he's open to many different parenting choices, he doesn't put a lot of stock in weight/height charts, and his nurses are really fantastic. There are just a few problems I've had with his practice, and I've made myself a promise that when it comes to medical care, I'm going to be more proactive in getting the kind of care and information I want. They're medical professionals, not authority figures, and since this country insists on a capitalist medical care model, (ok, honey, I promise not to start that conversation...) as long as they're competing for my business and offering a service, I will pick and choose as the consumer I am, so once again, I'm shopping. Only thing different is this time, I have a real, sticky, babbling, curious baby and some experience with what well-baby visits are like and what hot button topics apply to our child's healthcare. (In other news, I think it's sheer insanity that pregnant couples are just supposed to go pick a pediatrician, but that's a different post...)

So this time I found what I hope will be the pizzatrician I want. Online appointments and communication, several doctors in the practice, on-staff IBCLC's, and with the modern amenities they offer, I can only hope they are up to date on modern recommendations for nutrition, sleep habits, and care. These are the main things our previous pediatrician was lacking, for me. I add the "for me" because that's exactly what it is! He's a fantastic Dr. for lots of families, I'm seeking something different. Also, I've just always had a bit of uneasiness around him, and hey, I've also promised myself to trust my gut instincts more often. Trust and communication is important in any relationship, including health care providers.

I really do wish someone would put together a database of pediatricians and we could select them by the attributes important to us, but until then, I guess it's just a series of frustrating trial and error! And if you start up the website, hey, cut me in, will ya?