Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sweater Dress Awesomeness

I love doing these samplings from the cool folks at Old Navy and in partnership with Crowdtap. This was my 3rd sample share with Old Navy and by far the most successful one I've had in trying on all the garments. Usually I find that things are looking very cute before they are on me, but these dresses looked great on the hanger and I felt cute in every one of them. I had a  great experience there. I've used my 3 sample coupons at 3 different ON locations, Arundel Mills Mall, White Marsh Avenue, and Columbia Dobbin locations, and each time I've had wonderful staff and decent selections of styles. I'm always amazed how widely the selection can vary from ON to ON.

I was at first apprehensive when walking in because I had looked for ideas online first, always a good idea when you'll be doing the instore shopping with a toddler and no back up adults. Each style I was in love with online was an "Online exclusive" design and I was starting to feel frustrated that I wouldn't be able to try any of those styles on. I was pleasantly surprised once I got in the store because I found 5 great styles to try on and I liked each of them, but only loved two of them.

I ended up taking home the middle one, with the bold stripes and the fun blue contrasts with the turquoise and navy. I just loved the way it fit and looked. I was so excited to get it home and pack it for my vacation, I just knew it would be a perfect sightseeing dress that I wouldn't mind being photographed in and I thought it would look great with cold weather accessories.

I ended up styling it with a hand crochet alpaca scarf of my own design in a pale grey, black leggings, and my favorite cold weather Khombu boots. It looked so chic while keeping me very warm, and I love all the photos of me in that dress. It is sure to become a favorite staple in my wardrobe, and I know it will get some serious love during the Christmas holidays as well. :)

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